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Orthopaedic Services

  • Trauma Service

    At the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in Parami General Hospital, our Trauma Service comprises a full service centre where patients can expect to receive the best diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from a highly-skilled professional team.


    Our services for trauma include:

    • Minimally invasive fracture fixation
    • Osteoporotic fracture fixation
    • Post-traumatic deformity and disability correction


    Conditions We Treat

    For trauma related conditions

    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Complicated fractures
    • Poly trauma
    • Pelvic fractures
  • Total Joint Arthroplasty

    Our Adult Reconstruction Service takes care of individuals with degenerative bone diseases, inflammatory bone diseases, bone injuries or other bone deformities. We provide all our patients with customised, one-on-one treatment and rehabilitation for a smooth, fast recovery.


    When should you opt for it?

    The main reason for replacing any arthritic joint with an artificial joint is to stop the bones from rubbing against each other and causing pain. Replacing the painful and arthritic joint with an artificial joint gives the joint a new surface, which moves smoothly without causing pain. The goal is to help people return to most of their activities with less pain and greater freedom of movement.


    What are the advantages?

    Due to major advancements in the last 25 years, artificial knee replacements are 90% effective in relieving pain and improving function. Also, if you are above 65 years of age, total knee replacements are known to increase mobility by 17.5%, improve motor skills by 39.3% and cause a 46.9% decrease in limitations in activities of daily living. (Source: Biomet)


    How much time does it take to recover?

    Typically, patients can return to their normal lifestyle within 6 months.


    What should you do during the recovery process?

    • Climbing stairs should be kept to a minimum.
    • Use a firm, sturdy chair with arm rests. Put a cushion or pillow to raise yourself, if needed, to facilitate getting out of the chair. Recliners should not be used.
    • To avoid falls, rooms should be kept free of throw rugs and unnecessary debris.
    • Pets should be kept far away until you have healed.
    • Do not lift weights for the first two months.
    • When trying to get into your car, make sure that the passenger seat is pushed all the way back.
    • To decrease pain, inflammation and swelling, you can put ice on your knee for 15 – 20 minutes every hour.
    • Avoid sitting and/or standing for long periods (no more than 30 minutes in one place).


    Total Hip Replacement

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common problem for many people after middle age. OA is sometimes referred to as degenerative or wear-and-tear arthritis. OA commonly affects the hip joint. In the past, little was done for the condition. Now, there are many ways to treat hip OA. This means patients endure less pain, achieve better mobility and have an improved quality of life.


    When should you opt for it?

    OA cannot be cured, but therapies are available to ease the symptoms and slow down the degeneration of the joint. Doctors usually start with non-surgical treatment such as drugs, supplements, injections, and physical therapy. In some cases, surgical treatment of OA may be appropriate. Your doctor will decide whether a scope, osteotomy or total hip replacement is the most suitable option for you. A total hip replacement is the ultimate solution for advanced hip OA.


    What are the advantages?

    Total hip replacement performed using well-established technique is likely to provide 90-95% pain relief and good function, for more than 10 years after the surgery. (Source: University of Washington – Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine)


    How much time does it take to recover?

    Total rehabilitation after surgery may take at least six months.


    What should you do during the recovery process?

    • Sit only in high chairs (not on low seats that flex your hip more than 90 degrees).
    • Use a toilet seat raiser.
    • Sleep on your back.
    • Use a walker or crutches for several weeks after surgery, until you can bear your full weight.


    Total Knee Replacement

    Our customised programmes offer pain-relief solutions for arthritis or impaired function of the joints, paying special attention to joint replacements, osteotomies and joint revision surgeries. Our services comprise of the following:

    • Minimally invasive surgery for joint replacement
    • Joint deformity correction with osteotomies
    • Alternative bearing and hip replacement for the young
  • Spine Services

    Our Spine Service specialises in precision-oriented diagnosis for individuals with various spinal conditions.


    Our Services

    We provide both surgical and non-surgical services for a host of spinal deformities. These include:

    • Cervical spine
    • Traumatic spine
    • Degenerative spine
    • Spinal instrumentation



    Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal that puts pressure on the spinal cord, which is filled with nerves. This causes you to feel pain, numb or weak in your legs, back, neck, arms or all of the previously mentioned body parts. This condition is common among people aged above 50-years-old. It can also occur in younger people who have spinal injuries or are born with a narrow spinal canal.


    When should you opt for it?

    Laminectomy can relieve pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. It can also be used to treat spinal injuries, herniated disks (commonly known as slipped disks) and spinal tumours. The procedure involves invasive surgery on your back that removes some bones and/or tissue that that are/is causing compression to the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. As with any surgery related to the spine, there is a risk of nerve damage and infection. Consult a specialist thoroughly before you commit to a Laminectomy.


    What are the advantages?

    Laminectomy relieves pain in affected parts of your body and helps you move around better.


    How much time does it take to recover?

    While you can be fully mobile a few days after surgery, full recovery will take around a year.


    What should you do during the recovery process?

    • Avoid strenuous activities that will put strain on your back; activities such as carrying or loading up heavy objects, vacuuming the house and mopping the floor.
    • Check with your specialist on what measures to follow during the recovery period. You may need to wear a back brace to keep the spine still and straight for a substantial period of time.
    • Avoid sitting for long periods of time as it can cause deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the legs). It also helps if you move around as keeping yourself active (without overly exerting yourself) speeds up the recovery process.
    • Do not lift things heavier than 10 pounds (approximately 4.6kg).
  • Foot and Ankle Service

    The foot and ankle is often the target for relentless stress while bearing our body weight as we go about our daily activities at work, home or while engaged in sporting pursuits. This combination can often result in a number of painful injuries and conditions when least expected. Our customised approach ensures patients get the best treatment for a faster recovery.


    Our medical and surgical care for the foot and ankle include:

    • Reconstruction of acquired flat foot (adults)
    • Fusion of ankle
    • Reconstruction of crushed foot
    • Managing fractures of the foot and ankle


    Conditions We Treat

    For Foot and Ankle related conditions

    • Heel pain
    • Bunion (Hallux valgus)
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Flatfoot (Acquired pes planus)
    • High arch foot (Pes cavus)
    • Neglected club foot
    • Hypermobile 1st Ray


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  • Total Hip Arthroplasty Package
  • ACL Repair Package
  • PCL Repair Package
  • Rotator Cuff Tear Repair Package

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