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Imaging Department

  • Radiology/ Imaging Department

    Our state of the art radiographic and imaging equipment and trained technicians can help you and your loved ones in the diagnoses of illnesses, disorders, and diseases. Our digital X-ray equipment helps with diagnoses by providing images of tissue and organs in a cost-effective and digital transfer manner. Digital X-ray with telemedicine allows Parami General Hospital’s Specialists to provide radiographic medical support to surrounding areas and rural area clinics and to provide expedient service.

    radiology01   radiology02


    Digital X-ray                                                        Digital X-ray of Lung

    The Ultrasound service (3D Ultrasound and 4 D ultrasound) uses sound waves to visualize organs and abnormalities as well as allow parents to see their precious baby in the womb. Parents are able to see their little one’s features, movements and expression while allowing physicians to screen for possible problems. We provide you with precious pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime. Whether ultrasonography is used for routine testing, determining medical problems or bringing joy to parents , ultrasound testing helps in making diagnoses and allows physicians to better care for you and reassures parents about the health of their baby.

  • CT( CAT) Scan Machine

    Our imaging Services are provided 24 hours per day for emergencies or can be conveniently scheduled for non-emergent diagnostic testing. We are available to meet all of your diagnostic testing needs.


  • 4 D Ultrasound

    radiology03   radiology04


    4-D Ultrasound of sleeping baby4-D Ultrasound of baby sucking toe

    The other imaging test is the 2 D Doppler Echocardiogram, an accurate and non-invasive procedure, which allows for detailed anatomical visualization of vessels, brain, organs, and tumors. Our advanced radiographic and imaging tests help doctors provide correct diagnoses for illnesses and disorders of vital organs.

    radiology05   radiology06


    Echogram of Congenital Heart Failure               Echogram with Heart Diagram

    Parami General Hospital is the first private hospital to provide MRI services in Yangon. The MRI imaging machine uses magnetic images of the body for medical diagnoses. Completely non-invasive and painless, the clear MRI images provide accurate medical information for doctors so that patients receive the appropriate medical care and treatment.

  • 2D Colour Doppler Echocardiogram

    Color Doppler

    Easy visualization of detail anatomy and disease conditions at all vessels in whole body.
    High accuracy with non invasive and cheaper ways to diagnose vascular pathology.
    Common used in carotid and peripheral vesses.
    Ossasional used for renal and liver Doppler.
    Obstetrics used for checking fetal hear and vessels as umbilical cord and middle cerebral arteries.
    Gynecology as uterine artery and any mass or cyst in adnexa need to do Doppler.
    Neonatal brain scan need to check vascular flow.
    Any lesion in thyroid, breast, lymph node can differentiate with Doppler pattern as brnign or malignant or other disease conditions.
    MSK as swelling over the skin and special organ as male genital organ need to check with Doppler. .

    2D Colour Doppler Echocardiogram

    Test in which ultrasound is used to examine the heart and allows accurate measurement of the heart chamber and blood flow 2D Echo is capable of the displaying a cross-sectional “slice : of the beating heart, including the chambers, valves and the major blood vessels of the left and right ventricles.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)



    MRI of Brain

    Our newest service is CT scan or CAT scan (computerized tomography), a diagnostic medical test, which combines X-ray images taken from different angles to create cross-sectional images of bones, blood vessels and tissues. We have acquired the most accurate and technologically advanced CT equipment.

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