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Painless labour

Labour Pain Means:
. Pain during labour which is not life – threatening, but so intense as to discourage further child – births
. There is an association of postnatal depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorder
. While under the close supervision of competent/ well-experienced specialists, this is a real opportunity to request for ways & means of pain relief during labour
Painless Childbirth
. The discomfort of lobour pain contractions can be eliminated by means of “labour pain management” during childbirth
. Epidural anaesthesia is given in advance for pain management during labour
. Epidural anaesthesia is safe and ensures that a pregnant woman has a comfortable labour


Painless Labour Package
. Painless delivery under the close supervision of a Consultant Obstetrician of your own and Consultant Anaesthetist chosen by your Obstetrician


. Consultant Obstetrician chosen by yourself and the Consultant Anaesthetist arranged by Parami General Hospital
. Whichever way you chosen, you can have your own individualized birth plans / deliveries and avoid labour pain
. Even after birth, your newborn will be well-cared for by our tean consisting of a neonatologist or a Paediatrician and competent nurses in a unit with advanced medical equipment

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